Public Works Department

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide the Town of Middlebury with the most efficient and effective services possible to keep things flowing smoothly in our community. 

The Department consists of five employees that do the following for our community;

    • Streets and sidewalk inspection, maintenance and repair,
    • Snow removal, leaf pickup and street sweeping,
    • Inspection, maintenance and repair of public water lines and sewer pipes,
    • Fire hydrant maintenance, repair and flushing,
    • Street lamp maintenance and repair, and
    • Grave openings, closings and cemetery grounds maintenance.

The Public Works Department employees are:

PW close up

   Tim O'Dell - Superintendent                                        

   Robert Miller
   Cole McClain
    Clayton Chrisman
   Nathanial Nordman

The Public Works Department is located at 125 York Drive and can be reached by calling 574-825-1493.

            If there is an emergency during non-working hours you can call 574/ 238-4626

If you have a development or building project to be located in Middlebury, the project must be in compliance with the Middlebury Standard Specifications and Development Guide.
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